Sweet Pepper California, sowing & growing information

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Sweet Pepper California Wonder Seeds, sowing and growing information

Pepper : California
With a flavour so juicy, crisp and clean you'll eat them right off the plant! Fruits up to 25cm (10in) long and 5cm (2in) wide mature to a deep shiny scarlet. Amazing yield - up to 50 full-sized fruits per plant.
Sowing Instructions
Start seeds indoors 6-8 weeks prior to the last frost date. Sow seed ½in deep in cell pack containers, 1-2 seeds per cell, eventually leaving one plant per cell. Keep warm - germination takes 7-14 days at soil temperatures of 20-30C (75-80F). Grow plants warm and don't allow exposure to night temperatures that fall below 12C (55F) or this may stunt the plants.
Feed regularly through the growing season with a balanced liquid fertilizer. Harvest when mature and in full colour for best flavour.

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