Swimwear sizes

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Most people forget that Swimwear / Beachwear  or at  least good swimwear will be made from a mixture of fibres one of which will be a lycra or spandex or elastane content. All are basically the same and are trade names for rubber type products. It is this product that gives the swimsuit its stretch and controlling qualities. The sizing of swimsuits takes into account this stretch and the garments are cut accordingly. The size to buy therefore is the same size you buy normal clothes. The fitting depends on personal preferance but generally swimsuits for regular swimmers would be a tight fit to keep out the water.  I am sure most of you  have experienced  that water bubble trapped in the swimsuit of loose fitting garments. A tighter fitting swimsuit will stop that. If you are a less than casual swimmer say once on annual holiday then you can take a looser fitting swimsuit. 

Our Full triathlon suits have to cater for height as well as girth (round the body) generally our standard size range will fit average sizes. We do manufacture and carry long fitting triathlon suits for those people over 6'2" with really slim waists (28-32"). our speciality is a full range of children triathlon suits. Any problems with a size give me a call on 01623 555412 normal weekday business hours. We will try to help even to making you a "special"  If you are a club secretary looking for team kit we can do that also.

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