Swiss Army Knife - Which Brand

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It seems that the iconic Swiss Army Knife has become a generic term, but only 2 companies can manufactuer the Swiss Army Knife, they are Victorinox and Wenger. In 2005 Victorinox took over the Wenger company though both still trade as separate companies. If you purchase either of these reputable brands you won't go far wrong, our opinion, and it is only our opinion, is that overall the Victorinox product quality and design wins. The Wenger knife is called the "Genuine Swiss Army Knife" and the Victorinox is called the "Original Swiss Army Knife". There are literally thousands of different models, some handles on the Victorinox and Wenger Swiss Army Knives are made from silver and gold. One of the most celebrated colaborations is Victorinox and Tiffany & Co. to produce a range of Solid silver handled Swiss Army Knives with the Tiffany & Co. logo on them. As a point of interest the handles are often called "scales". All modern Victorinox Swiss Army knives read "VICTORINOX" "SWITZERLAND" "STAINLESS" "ROSTRFREI" on the base of the master blade, if you see this on your knife you know it is genuine. Tool "inserts" as they are called such as tweezers, toothpick, pen, pin, miniscrewdriver (screws handily into the corkscrew - on larger knives only) can often go missing - without warning! so keep a check on your Swiss Army Knife, any replacements can be purchased from our e-bay shop. We hope this guide has been useful to you, so please leave a comment to reflect your opinions. Thank you for reading this guide and please feel free to visit our e-bay shop. Always look for these symbols and insignia on your next Swiss Army Knife:


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