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Sylvanian Family

My daughter got into Sylvanian Family quite late compared to many other children ( 7 years old) and it brought back a lot of childhood memories ( mostly not being allowed it as it was too expensive - thanks mum!). So as part of my Buzzagents attempt to write guides I thought I would do a bit of a top five purchases that we got that actually got played with the most. A lot of her stuff was second hand and if you are careful you can buy lots of excellent condition and looks brand new. Also at Christmas time lots of big retailers have massive discounts on the bigger pieces.
Ok so here goes:
  1. Bluebell cottage - A great starter home with is more attractive than the actual started home
  2. Membership to the Sylvanian club ( £10 a year and you get an exclusive set of figures that are not available in the shops as well as the usual certificate and magazines)
  3. Campervan - Randomly comes with lots of accesories, it has a kitchen and sleeping bags and a vehical in one :)
  4. Figures - They are the cutest things ever. Pick a family that you like and go with it. My favourites were the penguin and meerkat babies
  5. Furniture packs - rather than buying individual room packs you can get larger packs that on offer tend to be around £25 and have lots of rooms furniture in. There is a general house pack ( lounge and kitchen furniture) a baby set and a large bedroom set. These tend to set up the house very nicely
The best thing about sylvanian is the attention to detail ( although for younger children you may want to keep some of the smaller bits out of sight ( e.g. packs of paint brushes, tooth brush and paste etc). It is also a toy that has survived the test of time and will last well to pass on to the next generation or sell to get some money back. Also the grown ups love playing with it as much as the children :)
Hope you have enjoyed

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