Syma 9081 Lama 3ch Electric Helicopter

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I have included this guide to assist those who have never flown this helicopter and can't understand the instructions supplied with it, or haven't read them. This guide is aimed to assist you in trimming the helicopter prior to meaningful flying.

On the transmitter, you have 2 control sticks, the left one is for throttle control, the right is for directional control. beside and under each are two fine tuning trim slides.

The two slides beside and under the left hand throttle control :

The bottom slide does nothing, it is included for a 4 channel helicopter and this is only three. The slide beside the left hand throttle control should be set just slightly below centre, this ensures that when the throttle is fully down (off) there is no signal sent to the helicopter, which might otherwise run at a slow idle if the slide was at the centre of above.

The two slides beside and under the right hand directional control :

The bottom slide is included to fine tune the turning of the helicopter. initially, this should be set in the centre. The slide beside the right hand directional control should also initially be set in the centre, this controls the rear rotor blade (forwards and backward movement).

Round button/dial above the right hand directional control (Gyro trim) :

This dial should also initially be set in the centre, this is the feature you'll need to adjust first, it controls the spin of the helicopter when hovering.

Trimming your helicopter for the first time :

Open the throttle slightly until the main blades are turning, check that the rear rotor blade isn't turning. If it is, adjust the slide which is beside the right hand directional control until it stops spinning.

Push the throttle forward to about 3rd of its travel until the helicopter reaches a height of two to three feet, it is likely to be spinning, turn the dial above the right hand directional control in the opposite direction to the spin until it stops spinning, trimming for spin completed.

Flying your helicopter :

Now you can fly the helicopter using the directional control, don't push the lever too far in any direction until you are confident of what each input is doing.

Once you have mastered the amount of input you need to control a flight you can use both levers to adjust your height, speed of flight and direction all at the same time.

Useful Tips :

If you lose control at any time and foresee an iminent crash, either on the ground or into an object, kill the throttle to avoid damage to the rotor blades.

Choose a wide open space, very light or even better, no wind.

Always ensure your battery is fully charged, this is when the green light on the charger has turned bright green.

Always ensure your antenna is pulled fully out before a flight.

Oh, DON'T Tighten the screws that hold the main rotor blades on, there supposed to be free!!!


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