TAKE THAT TICKET FRAUD - matrixman/dogscock

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I was taken for the tune of £161.07 by dogscock141 for Take That tickets for 22/12/07 at the MEN Arena, along with lots of others and thought I'd share my experiences, and frustrations and some contact names and numbers!

Firstly, how/why the hell did ebay let this clown change his user id and list over 200 tickets when they'd been advised in June that this seller was suspicious because of the volume of tickets he was lisiting? Ebay won't answer this as they hide behind "data protection" but they've happily taken their commission from this guy's £17,000 he has made! They might be able to find a legal reason not to return the commission to their customers but I sure as hell bet they can't find a moral reason!

I have contacted the police and have found them very helpful, and yes they are going after Mr Volley and the more people that contact them the stronger case they have. The police officer who is looking after this is PC2313 Stuart WARNE and he works for Humberside Police from Grimsby Police Station and can be emailed at stuart.warne@humberside.pnn.police.uk or call  01472 264560. He recommends you log the crime and get a crime reference number by calling 0845 6060222 first.

Now, the good news, perhaps, IF YOU PAID BY CREDIT CARD VIA PAYPAL  THEN YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO OBTAIN A FULL REFUND FROM THE CREDIT CARD COMPANY UNDER THE MASTERCARD AGREEMENT. THE CREDIT CARD COMPANY CAN ONLY START PROCESSING THIS AFTER THE DATE OF THE CONCERT SO THAT THEY CAN BE CERTAIN THAT THE TRANSACTION HAS NOT BEEN COMPLETED. If however, you paid by bank direct debit or cheque then I believe you won't be refunded by the banks. You can try Paypal if you paid via them and speak to  manager who just might offer you a goodwill payment as a gesture, up to a maximum of £100, I'm not saying they will but speaking to people on the forums it apparently has happened, but Ebay you can forget about seeing a brass razoo! They have made it clear that once 60 days have passed from the transaction they wash their hands. At least Paypal, who are 45 days after the transaction, are able to tell you this news over the phone, Ebay will happily respond to emails and not answer any questions that might be contentious and just cut and paste huge swathes from some procedural document!


I have been so totally underwhelmed by Ebay and their refusal to even refund the commission they made from this fraud , which would be a pretty penny from £17,000 worth of transactions, that I have contacted Watchdog to see if they can bring some pressure to bear on Ebay about this whole situation! If you feel as strongly then go to the bbc.co.uk and select Watchdog and go from there! (I can't put  a link in, ebay won't let me! )

I hope this helps in some way, but please, please contact the Police as they are keen to get as much information as possible, and do contact Watchdog if you have no other avenue of getting your money back , after all it can't hurt!

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