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Leaving detailed seller ratings (DRSs) is an important part of the feedback process for both buyer and seller,but not always completely understood by buyers and the implications it has on sellers.DRSs can effect the discounts and standing of any seller.
What the buyer needs to know is that they should take there time before leaving star ratings.
1) As described :-this means did the seller describe the item accurately,warts and all., and not that it is not as you expect because you didnt read the description fully.So go and have a read and if when you have it in your hand the listing and pictures are correct ,this should be 5 stars.
2) communication :-did the seller keep you up to speed all the way then 5 stars  .Maybe you dont read your ebay emails or like some just delete them,this is not the sellers fault but it is the sellers problem, Always check your Ebay message box. 
3) despatch time :- This is the time the seller takes to post it and NOT the time the postal service takes to deliver or the time it takes you to collect from the sorting office,Remember to take into account weekends and Public Holidays.If the seller state a time frame and posts within that time frame then 5 stars.
4) Postage charges:- ALWAYS BUT ALWAYS check the postage label and if the seller has charged less than 50p over the actual  postal cost on the label then they deserve 5 stars as an honest seller.Every seller has to pay for petrol and packing materials so that must be taken into account and 50p or less is fair.
I hope this has helped any buyers interested in being fair to sellers and not just leaving what they think they should leave, 4 stars is just Satisfactory 5 stars is HAPPY .
Buyers should be as honest and as fair to Top Rated sellers as they are to them
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