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i have written this becuase i have made my own jewellery & collected studied gemstones for over 20 years.
i do become frustrated on what people state on this gemstone,which in truth are just marketing spins.
take the D block mine they state the best of the gemstone comes from this mine,well thats not so there is A,B,C,mines.it is that D block is the latest of the four mines & produces the most rough tanzanite that is all.
also people state they are site holders & get the best of the tanzanite well they dont all this means they have agreed with the mine owners to take percentage of the gemstone produced each year & have to accept that quota.inother words they get what are they are given.
and when buying this gemstone people seem to think it comes out the ground blue well it does not ALL & i do mean all commercial tanzanite is thermally heat treated in rough form.
i just thouht people who love this gemstone as i do should know just a few true facts.



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