TD 5 EGR Valve

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AL Services - instructions how to replace the EGR valve on a  TD5

1, Undo the bolts which secure the engine cover and remove cover

2, Remove the actuator pipes from the EGR control valve, pull off the rubber elbows.

3, Remove the hose between the intercooler and the EGR valve and undo the 4 bolts which secure the EGR assembly to the manifold

4, On vehicles fitted with an EGR cooler remove the 2 bolts which secure the flexible hose to the cooler

5, For vehicles with no cooler remove the 2 bolts which secure the flexible metal hose to the manifold

6, Fit the blanking plate to the manifold and use some exhaust paste to ensure a good seal.

7, Fit the EGR by pass pipe and the new gasket as supplied, tighten the 4 bolts, put the small pipe onto the stub to blank it off and reconnect the intercooler hose

8, Reposition the engine cover ensuring that everything is secured correctly

Give it a trial run, make sure the intercooler jubilee clip is tight and there is no exhaust blow from the blanking plate - job done!

Should have a noticeable improvement in pickup which gets better as the oily sludge residue in the intake manifold burns off.

Hope these instructions are clear enough if not please give me a call on 01202 668666 Andy


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