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beware buying mobiles on ebay . i fell victim to a thieving scum bag. i bought my daughter a poppy phone in june for her birthday which is on july 17th  . it came in box with charger allthe books etc and brand new box, the phone looked immaculate and id only paid 55 quid i was well pleased. i put it away knowing my daughter would be overjoyed with it. however i have charged it today ready for monday and inserted the sim, it wouldnt send or recieve text and wouldnt dial or recieve calls. i contacted virgin for advice and was informed the phone had been stolen from a delivery van prior to me buying it and surprise surprise the seller KERRI-LEI  from WARWICKSHIRE is no longer a registered ebayer. it may ave only cost me 55 quid but now i will ave to buy her a replacement which will not be the phone she wanted. ALL I HAVE TO ADD IS THANKS KERRI-LEI YOU MISERABLE SCUMBAG I HOPE YOUR PROUD OF YOURSELF YOUVE RUINED MY DAUGHTERS BIRTHDAY ROT IN HELL.
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