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We have been selling venetian mirrored furniture on ebay with 100% FEEDBACK as glasshouseimports for quite some time now and wanted to share with you our top secrets to ensure you get the best out of your shopping experience!

1) ALWAYS look at feedback, pricing and lead time for delivery - it's a good indicator for making your purchasing decisions!

2) ALWAYS ask if the mirror has a bluey - greeny tinge - if it DOES - it is CHEAP glass so buyer beware!

3) ALWAYS look for 'runner drawers' not 'box-fit' (no runner mechanism) - otherwise your mirrored drawers WILL chip and ruin your piece! (If this happens we can fix this for you so do get in contact since so many people have bought from other places and had total disasters!)

4) ALWAYS ensure that the corners of glass have been smoothed and are not sharp (a good quality item will always have smoothed corners)! We always ensure this happens since we work directly with the manufacturer and no-one else and KNOW exactly how they should be smoothed (it's done with pumice stones)!

5) ALWAYS ensure that your seller will deliver personally, or if not possible, that you use a courier with glass insurance - otherwise expect a damaged item upon delivery! We hear this time and time again - so if you are looking to buy and cannot collect always ask how they deliver the piece!

6) NEVER buy a tarnished piece where the glass looks worn or strange in colour - it means that the manufacturer did not use the right glue to stick the mirror on with and this will get worse over time! You can always ask the seller what glue was used - if they don't know BUYER BEWARE!

7) Lots of people sell MIRRORED FURNITURE on ebay - make sure you ask the seller if they purchase direct from factory or not since you can benefit more so if it is purchased directly - you can generally tell if they do since their pieces will be much cheaper but do ensure that all of the above has been taken into consideration

8) MIRRORED FURNITURE can last a lifetime if you make sure you buy the 'toughened' mirror version and not otherwise - to find out more about how to ensure you are buying this from a seller do contact us via glasshouseimports! Thanks for reading this and do vote it if you found it helpful!

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