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When searching on ebay it seems that everyone looks for the cheapest of the thing they want and buy it. This makes sense to sooo many people but if you stopped and thought about it, does it really?

On holiday in Morroco...'Brand New Nike Trainers only £18'....amazing price, but quite obviously not real nike. If you are paying the lowest price for goods think "why am i?", if its obviously a large seller and they can squeeze the profits to a minimum then yes, go ahead...but if its a seller who has little or even below perfect feedback then it is generally going to be a low price for a low grade service!

Before bying the lowest priced goods check all the following:

Postage Price and the service (it could be a high postage price which is why the item is so cheap or it could be a low postage to go with the low item but the postage is royal mail snail mail 2nd and some!)

Also check the feedback % and amount for an idea of previous buyers experiences with the seller.

Finally email the seller, ask them why is it so cheap, any decent seller would give you a legitimet reason "i have bulk load of them" or "i am making little money on each unit".

So do not just go to thelowest priced item and buy...especially when it could be the worst deal!

P.S Dont forget that bid auctions can start low but can get very high...look around at buy it now auctions to ensure you dont pay more for an item in the chase to win it in a bidding war!

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