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Like if this guide is helpful
I will tell a story about how PAYPAL'S SELLER PROTECTION really works. would recommend it to all the
sellers on ebay who are using standard postage methods to send thier goods and having believed to be
covered by PAYPAL'S SELLER PROTECTION. Below i start the details of the claim i had recently that needed
more than 2 months to be solved.

18/11/2008    buyer paid the item

19/11/2008    i posted the item using paypal postage and kept the certification of postage

26/11/2008    buyer sent a message

"Hi there, Its the 26th of November and I still haven't received Call of Duty World at War from you.
 Just wondering if there is any significant reason for the delay or do I need to contact ebay and
 paypal to try and recoup payment?"  it seemed the buyer familiar about lost items on ebay so i advised
 them to open a dispute via paypal

27/11/2008    buyer opened the dispute

27/11/2008    i filed an additional evidence to paypal (certification of postage)

17/12/2008    paypal sent a message for me

"As you know, we're investigating a transaction problem that one of your
 buyers recently reported.
 It's taking a little longer than we expected to reach a decision. We're
 actively working on your case and will notify you on the next steps as soon
 as possible."

22/01/2009    paypal's Resolution of Buyer Complaint Case

"After careful consideration of the evidence provided in the case detailed
 below, we have completed our investigation and decided in favour of the
 buyer. Under the terms of our User Agreement, we have debited the following
 amount from your PayPal account as a refund to the buyer: xx.xx GBP"

24/01/2009 i sent a complaint to paypal as I've been covered by seller protection

27/01/2009 paypal's answer for the complaint

"After reviewing the case details, I can see that you have proof of postage
 and unfortunately had not sent the item recorded delivery.

 For the purposes of disputes that may arise, it has been necessary to
 designate responsibilities to each party for a transaction. These
 responsibilities are outlined in the Buyer Complaint Policy that can be
 found in the User Agreement.

 Within the delivery process PayPal has designated it the sellers'
 responsibility to ensure that the item is delivered to the buyer. As the
 buyer is requesting the goods it is not possible for them to take
 responsibility for this process of delivery.

 Please understand, since the buyer is claiming that the item has not been
 received, it is the delivery of the item that is under question rather than
 its postage, as well as it not being possible for someone (the buyer) to
 prove that they have not received a package.

 We are therefore in a position where we have to rely on the seller to prove
 that the item was not only posted but that it has reached the intended
 address of the buyer. This is the only method available to enable an
 impartial adjudication in these type of cases."

That is it,paypal deducted the money from my account as i "unfortunately had not
sent the item recorded delivery" no matter paypal says on the transaction detail
page: "Level of coverage for loss and damage up to £36.00 GBP included with
authorised certificate of posting."

If you dig yourself in the term and conditions deep enough you may find the requirements of
the Seller Protection Sheme

In order to qualify for a payment under the Seller Protection Programme, you must
meet the following requirements:

 1,You must have a Verified Business or Verified Premier Account at the time of
   the payment transaction

 2,The transaction must be between a US, UK or Canadian buyer and a US, UK or
   Canadian seller

 3,The payment must be listed as "Seller Protection Policy Eligible" on the
   “Transaction Details” page. Sellers are encouraged to minimise their risk
   and to review the Transaction Details page to see whether their payment is
   “Seller Protection Eligible” before fully completing their commercial transactions

 4,You must accept a single payment from one PayPal Account for the purchase

 5,You must not charge a surcharge for accepting PayPal

 6,You must post the purchased item to the address listed on the “Transaction Details”
   page, and that address must be identified as a Confirmed Address

 7,You must have trackable online proof of delivery from an independent shipper to the
   address on the “Transaction Details” page. For transactions involving an amount equal
   to the £150 GBP or more, you must provide a proof of receipt that was signed or
   otherwise acknowledged by the buyer

 8,You must respond to PayPal’s requests for information within the time period PayPal specifies.

Additionally you must meet the following postage requirements as well to be covered against
claims Item Not Received.

 1, You must have the Proof of Delivery (not the certification of postage)

 2, You must post the item  within 7 calendar days of receipt of payment

Finally if somehow you managed to meet all of these criterias mentioned above you are covered.
Thank you paypal.
I conclusion,there is only one way to protect yourself from fraud,forget paypal and send your parcels
with royal mail recorded signed for or special next day delivery,depending of the value of your item,
these services give you a coverage for loss and damage up to £36.00 GBP or £150.00 GBP.

Thanks for reading,

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