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A warning to you all about the Great Britsh post and Great British customs which are not so great!!

I recently won a nice ring not worth alot but nice and pretty.  The value was put on the front at over $300 incase of loss or theft.

Customs kindly kept my parcel for well over a week and charged me over £40 which cost more than the ring and the postage!

Parcelforce kindly paid the charge but then charged me £8 for handling the parcel and then I had to wait for a letter to then pay upfront while they kindly kept my parcel for yet another week and when my payment cleared delivered it!

Well I suppose i'm lucky it got here at all and in one piece!

I would advise you all not to put a high value on the parcel whats the point if its not insured anyway put 1c or 1p on the dam thing and use someone more reliable like fed ex.

To me this is legalised theft!!  They are making it more and more expensive to buy from abroad, they are miserable a$$ wipes who spend their lives in the cake shop only to die of a heartattack later to pass on their legacy to another butt hole who, with jam dribbling down his chin sits there sweating trying to find another way to DO US OVER!!!!!

And dont put FRAGILE on it you are so asking for trouble!  Regularly parcels I buy  have fragile on  and what a mess when bubble bath is smashed! (2 bottles of fenjal)  A beautiful painting very well packed SMASHED TO OBLIVION!!!  NOT HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All I can say to my trusted ebay friends is please be careful, if they can do you up the bum they will!!!



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