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Hi all

well i guess if im writing here ive been "LAGOSED" by a clever nigerian. how much for.?...£730 pounds worth of sure that will feed there family on grain powder and bush meat for a year.

how did it happen..?...well i put an item up for auction on ebay as usual had it listed for the maximum time buy it a few interest ie.. watchers,nothing new there.

the ran for almost the full time,then in the last few hours of the sale ending it was i thought its sold!.

i then got an email from the buyer via my ebay messages, from a mrs Anita williams uk address (cheshire).

she asked me about the condition of the ring..which i told her was in perfect condition. she then told me she is going to send the money to paypal right away for the ring because it was for her sister back in nigeria....i didnt think anything odd of this as she had an english address and an english second name i assumed she may have married a uk citizen.

i then got an email from paypal informing me of the sale.i was told by paypal that they are holding the money in there account for me, and what i needed to do was post the item to the buyer then send paypal the tracking number. then they can credit my account with the money.

so i went and posted the item..then got back home and replyed to the email that i had got from paypal..with the tracking number.

i then went on ebay and replyed to mrs williams that the iten had been posted. there was no reply at that point.

so i thought to my self i would contact payapl by phone and speak to someone about the message i had sent them regarding the tracking number so they could credit my account.when i eventually got to speak to someone. she had no record of sending me an email confirming funds held for me. well that pushed the panic button right through the wall. i shot out the house back to the post office, but the item had already been collected  15 mins ago (international signed for).

so i shot back home and rang the depo sorting office in my area. and spoke to the floor manager (a woman) i explaned to her what had happend,but all i got from her was" i cant do anything unless the police get involved because its the queens mail) so i hung up and rang my local police station,where i spoke to a realy nice female police officer who was very helpful and understanding.she then rang the manager of the depo.

then got back to me saying that the depo said they will search for it and if they find it they will get back to me directly.

all this took place within one and a half hours of me posting it. on the friday afternoon.

i then started to see if i cold track the item via royal mail track and trace.....(dont bother guys its proper S**T) and it dont tell you anything useful at all!. ...your paying for an automated message designed to make you think your item is moving faster than it realy does,

it told me the item that i posted on the date has been received and is being processed....(so that tells me the item IS at the depo)

but i guess the royal mail depo manager couldnt be bothered to take some off another sorting line to find my item and she must have wanted to go home early on friday.

i tried ring the depo a huge number of times but no one was answering the phones all friday afternoon.

i rang again a number of times saturday all reply

i rang all day sunday reply.

then on MONDAY morning i through at last...spoke to the same chissel voiced manager of the depo regarding the item..."we have not found it yet" i asked her where the mail goes from there depo to.

she explaned it went to either gatwick or i asked her if she had a contact number.."no and they dont have one so you wont be able to get hold of them"so i slammed the phone down on her..(hope that tangled her ear for the day!)

i then set about googleing the gatwick mail depo...i got a number and rang them...too 3 mins to get through the automated system but i then eventually spoke to a human...a nice guy. i explaned the situation to him of what had gone on..he asked me for the tracking number, so i gave it to him....he found the item...but it had been received by them on sunday and shipped the same day to nigeria....i was gutted!.

the guy understood my issue and apologised for my loss.

i then rang up the manager at the depo and told her where she should be working cos it suited her to the ground!!...and that she lied to me saying they had no number..which they she was just about to reply..she then got the phone slammed in her ear again.

i then contacted paypal the official site..reminding then how useless they are!.

i contacted ebay about it(who were just as quick to bill me for my final value fee)..and got one of there..cotton wool replies...(load of bull).

so i thoght  would exhaust my my frustration...i contacted the nigerian embassy london..spoke to a guy incharge of tade and what ever,...told him about the issue...which he must have heard so many times...but gave me a website for EFCC this is supposed to be for the police back in nigeria.

it had lots of numbers so i started ringing them......almost all of them either had no tone(dean numbers)....or seemed constantly engaged.

so after about 2 hours i gave up.

so i sent the the theiving nigerian a mesage wishing them all the best. that i have had first hand experience of being "LAGOSED" i cant do anything else but laugh about it,and put it down to not having my wits about me on the day.

but if you do find yourself in the same situation within 24 hours as i did...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...


(2) WHEN YOU HAVE YOUR CRIME NUMBER BY-PASS RINGING THE LOCAL DEPO YOUR SELF...GO STRAIT TO THE WEB AND FIND INFO FOR THE GATWICK AND/OR HEATHROW MAIL DEPO, when you get through tell them what has happend and give your crime number.AS THIS IS THE LAST STEP BEFOR YOUR ITEM LEAVES THE COUNTRY. and if the item has been missed by your local depo and may be in transit to them they will stop it when it arrives to them.

apart from that theres nothing more i can say but. BE VERY VERY AWARE OF THE NIGERIAN SCAMMERS THEY ARE VERY GOOD AT TRIXIN FOLKES, they have a masters degree with extra honours at this game!.so check !! double check!! and check again!...infact keep checking until you see the money in your account...and dont be put under any pressure by the buyer to act too fast. 

take care safe selling.A.U

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