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The Husky Jerks range of fishing lures were introduced in 1995 and proved to be Rapala's most successful product launch during this time.It propelled the Finnish company to sustained growth with nearly 15 million lures made that year,exported to 80 countries and an employee base of 500.This lure was minnow shaped and had an in-built rattling chamber.The real "wow" factor though was that it was a suspending lure.An angler would retrieve the lure then halt the retrieve, the lure would hang in the water at the required depth perhaps at a known hot spot near structure.Then wham ! a game fish would strike and take the lure.If the predator didnt strike whilst the lure was stopped it certainly would upon commencement of the retrieve! In North America the Husky Jerk was sold to southern bass anglers with large volumes sold in Florida and Georgia.Also pike and walleye fishermen started to use it and finally in-shore saltwater anglers made it a 'must have' lure for the tackle box.Popular lengths were 10cm ,12 cm and 14 cm .The Down Deep Husky Jerk was a typical lure of this family, two treble hooks it is a very tough lure.The neutral buoyancy allows it to suspend then start to retrieve again with a jerk.It can also be trolled.Target predator fish include perch,chub,trout,salmon,pike,zander.When using this lure remember to pause before you twitch the lure, keep your line slack so it actually halts and does not keep proceeding towards you.Use the bright fluorescent colours they are easier to be seen Red, Firetiger Yellow and Chartreuse.Offshore saltwater go with blue and silver.In 1996 this was America's best selling lure and Cabela's hottest selling item it remains today a best seller and a supreme fish catcher.

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