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Rather appropriate as PayPal move base to Luxembourg (so long as you remember who sung the song).

Well, I would like to say a fond farewell to all the long and loyal customers who have supported me through the past three years but PayPal (the executioner) have finally hung, drawn and quartered me so all I await now is the time this account has to be inactive before I can close it completely.

A few items are being sold by Black_Equinox (sorry no PayPal accepted) but the remainder will be either sold off or given away at charity auctions/shops as I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown and severely in danger of being hospitalised (yet again).

I urge you to support me through the Black_Equinoxconnection if only to help pay my normally £40 pcm. phone bill which has soared to £110 this month with fruitless calls to the PayPal call centre only to be told things that haven't happened.

If any of you are charity fundraisers please feel free to contact me for items through [] (ignoring the brackets) - the bigger a van you have the better!

Any customers who were watching items with the intention of buying please do the same and they will be listed on the Black_Equinoxpage.

I will sorely miss you all and the contact with the community that eBay has afforded me.

My very best wishes to you all for now and the future,

Lorraine (strawberrypebbles)Black_Equinox

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