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This is a short posting about buyers never reading listing correctly, as a buyer i always read the listing and if i do make an error by not reading it or missing something out, well basically that is my fault and i do not have any grounds to return the item. (unless alot worst than described and even then if i pay only a couple quid i would just chuck out as its not worth postage return cost) However it seems that some buyers are not reading the listing, even when the faults or key information are in bold and 40+ font near top of description and then expect a refund... even when the postage is free and they only pay a few pounds for the item..

As a buyer it is 100% your responsibilty to read the listing before clicking buy it now or entering your bid. As sellers we can only make it clear for you, however we cannot actually read it for you... we do not get paid enough for this.

Please READ listing before bidding/ buying and if you are not sure if you want it, please contact the seller for more information or just don't bid.

This is timeconsuming and it costs seller's time and money which they need not pay out if only the buyer reads listing first...

please bare this in mind when next bidding on the item or buying, its very important for you to READ it carefully as not all buyers will refund you and ebay cannot make them as its as stated on listing & its the same with paypal.. so really buyers its in your best interest to read it carefully before parting with your money.

thank you

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