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I sell different items. As you can see my ebay shop.

I have been selling on ebay for along time, but during that time i had sold a brand new phone to a nigerian who was registered in U.K. He contacted me straight away when he won the bid and said he would pay through paypal and said it was his sons birthday and he would like to send this phone to him, although he had all broken english and kept saying "oky" at the end of every sentance. 

All of a sudden i recieved a e-mail which said i've got funds, but said i need to send the tracking number and the payment will be activated once i sent the item. I checked my paypal account and there was nothing there, i had e-mailed paypal, but to them there was no payment sent in the first place! Then i e-mailed the buyer about the payment and he was wanted the item. When i mentioned payment, he kept saying paypal will pay you once you've sent item and give them the tracking number. I then realised it was a spoof e-mail and it was a "scam" as then he became a 'no longer registered user'.

Since then i only ship within U.K due to so many frauds. Sellers "beware" there are alot of scammers, avoid them at all cost! Sorry to go on at such length, but we all need protection from these "fraudsters".


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