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Hi Everyone i have come across fake emails being sent to me via email but these emails look like they have been posted from paypal or ebay, so i have made this guide which will tell you how to spot these fake emails and what to do.

These spoof emails have mostly been sent to people selling valuable goods. A NIGERIAN ebayer will say he will pay double the value of the product if you send the product abroad and than send you spoof emails, so be careful with NIGERIAN ebayers.

First think to do when recieving an email like this is to read the email and see if it makes sense for you to recieve that email because some emails that i have recieved where people asking me how much the postage is but at that time i was not selling anything so it was obvious someone was trying to scam me.

These fake emails look very realistic so even if the sender email address says paypals or ebays email address its still possible for the email to be fake. Another way to spot a hacker is click on the email where it says respond now or sign in to your paypal account, once you click on these links a new page should open but do NOT sign into your paypal or ebay accounts straight away, on the new pages opened look in the url address bar make sure you check the whole address bar starting with http://........... if the bar has a wiered name that does not start like this http//ebay.... or this http//paypal.......   than there is every chance the page you are on is fake and someone is trying to hack you.

The best way to not get hacked by spoof emails is to check your emails and than close all internet pages open and open a new internet page and in the URL type in ebays or paypals site name and log onto the site to see if you did actually receive an email on ebay or if you actually need to make any changes to your paypal account. If you do come a across a fake email do not delete it because than you are letting the hacker off easy forward the email to paypal or ebay so they can prevent this from happening to future ebayers and once you have forwarded the email delete it so you dont use it by mistake.

i hope this email has helped all ebayers and please read my other guides which might be some help to you and good luck using paypal and ebay.

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