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          picS 1,2,3. genuine ugg australia boots)As A wearer /buyer and seller of Ugg Australia boots for quite a few years now I have decided to share my views on the ever controversial debate on authentic ugg australia boots. I do so in the hope that some myths may be finally laid to rest and that others may be highlighted for the unsuspecting buyer of uggs.




               There are an increasing amount of dubious ugg boots on the uk site. I suspect on other sites too, but none of which I have looked at. For the most part, these ugg replica boots are being sold from the USA/Portugal/Sweden/Greece/Hongkong and very sadly also in the UK. They are easily identified as they use the same pictures all showing "ugg" boots with blue tags and brown bags which say "SNOW BOOTS". These are not genuine ugg australia brand uggs, ie. Deckers inc corporation, who own the rights to the ugg australia logo. However, I would like to point out that most of these are being sold on buy it now auctions for £25-30. Any buyer who seriously believes these are the same ugg boots sold in stores for £160 I find it hard to sympathise with. The old expression "you get what you pay for" is the lesson to be had here.

Having said that, I have noted that there are several UK sellers also selling those very same boots for prices in the region of £150. That I find criminal, as they are attempting to pass them off as the designer ugg boots same ones you would buy on  line from ugg australia.. They clearly are not . Be suspecting of sellers who do not use their own pictures, because you really do not know what you are bidding for. These fake uggs have hard outer suede which smells badly of dye and thin synthetic interiors not sumptuous sheepskin! they are shorter than real uggs and they are also much wider on the leg. The have no R on soles as real ugga ustralia boots do and they come in much smaller boxes. The new updated boxes this year from Deckers are no longer flip top lids but two piece boxes. Hoiwever there are still many fliptop boxes in circulation from ugg australia and are genuine! They are hard substantial boxes not small and flimsy.

As to the "How to tell a fake ugg boot" debate. I have several points to make.

Firstly, the question of rigid/non-rigid soles is, I believe, defunct. I have many pairs of classic ugg boots and none of them have very flexible soles except those I have worn to death. I do not believe that is a hard and fast way to differentiate fake from real.

Ugg Australia make their uggs in new Zealand and CHina. They do not make boots of any style in Australia so it is extremely hard to find any pair of ugg australia boots that were made in Australia. THis has been confirmed 100% by Deckers . There are a number of australian sellers selling pruported ugg boots made in australia they are not deckers ugg australia boots and are subject to copyright infringement!THEY are not authenic, by which I mean they are not Deckers uggs, they may very well be another ugg boot which I am not knocking for one minute. I stress that though there may be an odd pair of australia made ugg australia boots still to be found and cherished there are not enough of them for any seller whether that be in the usa or uk or anywhere else to have extensive stock! If its a used ugg boot that is a different story as any person may realistically own an old pair of original ugg australia boots.

 There are no authorised ugg australia sellers on e-bay therefore there are absolutely no experts either!!! The situation with Ugg Australia boots has got out of hand recently. Too many people it seems, are suddenly experts on every aspect of the product! I have had many years experience of Ugg Australia uggs, I would like to think I know something about them, but I would never profess to be "an expert". So my advice is simply this. Check the sellers feedback for ugg boots, it is a very good indication of the product. Expect to pay high prices but probably lower than retail. After all ugg australia uggs cost £78 for tall classics in the USA, almost half the price that they sell them in the UK. I buy my uggs from the USA and I expect most ugg sellers do the same. Don't buy any with tags or bags if you are looking for genuine ones.  Check the soles, they should have a little r enclosed in a circle. Black uggs have black soles . Most sellers of fakes are listing one and 3 day auctions vast amounts all stolen pics and trying to say they are in the UK, they are not! They are in china and you will be seriously duped if you purchase from them. Their prices are ridiculous and they have numerous ids all with zero feedback. I noticed that 80% of these fraudulent sellers state they are in Durham!!!!!! Trust and safety have been working hard to get them off every day so please do look out for them they are really very easy to spot being priced at 25-45 pound (how likely is it that they are real at that price) . They also list as U.G.G. u. gg u gg ug g or u-gg so that they can circumvent the new measures ebay introduced to limit the amount of branded goods that can be sold by zero feedback users and certainly they should never be on 24 hr auctions. If you see 24 hr auctions for ugg boots they are fraudulent listings. There are some excellent sellers of ugg boots on e-bay. Unfortunately you do get some who are just out to rob you, dont let it be you! Hope this has been of help.

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