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  "The Theoben Eliminator"

Theoben claimed that the eliminator was the most powerful air rifle in the world today, and after field testing this unique piece of kit i can well beleive it, To buy one of these rifles you will need to be able to produce a valid F.A.C....or should i say Fire arms certificate, which, im afraid to say is easier said than done,

A standard "off the shelf" air rife cannot exceed 12ft lb energy by law, the Theoben Eliminator produces in the region of 30 ft lb, I tested a .25 calibre over farmland, the Theoben is no lightweight but it still feels "Just right" when brought up to the shoulder, its weight just melting away, due im sure no doubt to Theobens design perfection, the unique gas ram system performs flawlessly, giving perfect shot to shot consistancy,

I spent just over an hour field testing this gun, during this time i grew to respect this rifle and what it can do, i won't go on and on about the number of rabbits that were killed cleanly with head shots, nor will i mention the pigeons, magpies, and blackbirds which were outclassed by this fine gun, in fact...need i say more?

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GUIDE JULY 2009  by Ken Lambourne.

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