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Having a baby is the most wonderful thing in the world i thought it would be useful to use this page to place things on that i find easy/hard/or most useful when it came to motherhood. Things i would recommend etc.

Dr Browns Bottles (Always new ) They are great for colic and consitipation although rather expensive for what they are a defo must buy. But if you cant afford them then wilkinsons also do a simular bottle within there baby section and it does excally the same job for a fraction of the cost.

Door Bouncers - Some may think im wrong and disagree but i find them really unstable having gone through 3 now i just dont think its natural for a baby to be bouncing of a door frame. lol

You dont always have to buy brand new if you come across sellers with children which are older then yours or you know are going to be growing out of clothes cose to as your bump/baby is coming save the ebay seller as they are bound to be getting rid of the clothes etc. I have had a couple of bad experiances with buying clothes from the ebay recentley. I am one of these people which only buy new for my baby and thought i would give the second hand a go but got sent an awfull job lot of stained baby bo clothes. When you come across situations like that open a case immeditley and also leave negative feedback to make others aware of how the items are and add a note to yourself so you dont buy from that buyer again. I wont be buying second hand for my son again but thats just preferance and you ebayers get to take advantage of that lol because i dont have the room tokeep them so as soon as they outgrown there placed on here. MOST BABYS GET BOUGHT SO MUCH THEY DONT WERE MOST OF THEM.


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