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I am stunned at how many people on Ebay are trying to sell NUS democracy cards at high prices and maintaining that they are valid NUS student cards which will benefit the buyer with a vast array of discounts.

The white democracy cards, as pictured above, are for voting only and will not be accepted anywhere bar the university it was legally registered at- is that really worth the £30+ that some people are expecting you to shell out? Is it also worth looking like a fool and walking away in embarrassment when you turn up to your local Topshop presenting this card to the assistant and s/he tells you that it is a fake or not valid?! PLEASE DON'T BUY INTO THIS- YOU ARE BEING RIPPED OFF!

Actual NUS cards are now so hard to forge as they are electronically printed onto a photographic ID card as illustrated below, along with a unique NUS number. I think they are starting to become wise which is why they are no longer simply handwritten and easy to get hold of like they used to be.

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