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As a ticket seller on Ebay I obviously check out the opposition and am dismayed to find some sellers blatently over hyping their tickets here are just 2 of many seen in minutes. Most seller's are genuine honest Ebayer's with a little research you will sort out the bad apples!

1.  Seller's Description ... £60 seats in stalls, £100 seats are in the tiered seating behind....

True Fact  Most £100 seats are in front stalls with a few in tiered seating but will be in the first few rows offering a better view than the back of the stalls

2. Seller's Description  ....block B row 2 just 12 rows from the stage.....

True Fact  block A goes up to row q so you will be on row 19

Some Do's

1.   Find the correct seat plan before bidding to make sure the listing is honest on facts.

2. Ask the seller if there is anything you are unsure about before you bid/buy.

3. Check feedback and be suspicious of hidden feedback even if it is 100%, they may of bought 100  99p Ebooks and never sold anything!

Some Dont's

1.  let anybody tell you the cheaper tickets are the best!

2.  buy before reading the discription thoroughly

3.  pay by moneygram or similar you may lose everything

4. buy tickets and expect them within a few days unless specified " in hand " lots of tickets are sent out 7 to 14 days before especially standing tickets

It's very short but I hope it helps a little?

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