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These wonder glitters are finely milled and do not contain Mica or Aluminium so are great if you have sensitive eyes.

The can be applied by hand or brush. They adhere to skin very easily and can be applied wet or dry to hair and skin.

The Tony & Tina brand sold up a few years ago and so product is fast running out !

What colour do you need?

Ancient Hindu and Buddhist texts describe the chakra system as the seven energy centres within the body.

Each centre relates to a colour as well as a set of mental, emotional and physical conditions. Gill and Bornstein contend that if you're attracted to a particular colour it may be that you're in need of some healing and balancing that relates to that particular chakra.

Base chakra (red) - we are one

Visualisation: Imagine there is a cord that leads from the base of your spine down into the centre of the earth. The cord wraps around a giant crystal and feeds strength and safety from the earth to your base centre. Then, imagine your ideal self and feel that truth flow through you. You feel strong and sexy.

Spleen chakra (orange) - I am good to others

Visualisation: See yourself as an open channel to your own infinite wisdom. In your mind's eye, see your perfect orange glowing strongly in your gut area. Affirm to yourself that this centre is strong and balanced and that you are guided by your higher self.

Solar plexus chakra (yellow) - I am good to myself

Visualisation: Light a candle and imagine the solar plexus of your body is glowing with light. Inside this light, see yourself as a young child. Talk to yourself as if you were your own child and tell her that you love her, she's beautiful and she's done such a good job.

Heart chakra (green) - I think and act with love

Visualisation: Imagine your heart area is glowing with your ideal green. See it growing bigger with every breath. The green is enveloping your body with love energy and you are letting go of all grief, anger and pain. You are being filled up with pure love energy. See this love energy blanketing the earth and extending out into the universe.

Throat chakra (blue) - I am my higher self

Visualisation: Envision a situation or relationship that needs work surrounded by a blue light. See yourself effectively communicating and taking action to positively resolve the issue. Your intentions come from love.

Third eye chakra (violet) - I see through the illusion

Visualisation: See your third eye glowing with purple light and connecting you to your spirit. You are calm and open to all information. You can see truth without making judgements.

Crown chakra (white) - I am here now

Visualisation: Imagine a perfect white is showering through the top of your head and body and out your feet. As it passes through you, all negativity and blocks are washing away. You are filled with light, love and joy.

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