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A guide created for all women, ladies, girls, wives, girlfriends, and any person of the female get a better understanding of the male psyche through cinema. 

We've sat through ALL your "chick flicks", some of those were exceptionally excruciating..."Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" and gasp two!, "The Ya Ya Sisterhood"...I still have nightmares, anything with Freddie Prinze Jr., Hugh Grant, Hugh Jackman, YOU SUCK! Chad Michael Murray, arrrrgh...but I am remiss.  If you're thinking of buying a gift, please avoid the proverbial tie or ugly a dvd of any of the following films...or better yet, watch them with us.  It means sooo much more to us than you could ever imagine. 

This is a partial list and is by no means complete.  A recurring theme are movies made by certain actors(Steve McQueen, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood, Robert DeNiro)...these guys make Chuck Norrisisms sound sophomoric and infantile. I challenge anybody to come up with your own list!  "Let's go to the mattresses!"-Don Corleone

  1. Blade Runner 1982

  2. This is Spinal Tap 1984

  3. Fight Club 1999  -"I haven't been f#cked like that since grade school."

  4. 300 2007  -"Ready your breakfast and eat hearty...for tonight we dine in Hell!"  -Can you smell the testosterone?!

  5. Conan the Barbarian 1982  -The original pit fighter!  Take that UFC!

  6. Pulp Fiction 1994

  7. Sin City 2005  -"She grew up...she filled out". 

  8. Predator 1987  -"Kill me! Do it! Kill me!"

  9. Memento 2000  -A psychological mindf#ck!  Lenny can't remember anything for more than 10 minutes.  He has to take pictures, write post its, and get tattoos to solve a mystery...or is it?

  10. Caddyshack 1980  -After getting stiffed by the 12th son of the Lama..."there won't be any money, but on your deathbed, when you die, you will recieve total consciousness. So I got that going for me, which is nice."

  11. Gladiator 2000  -"Maximus" absolute BADA$$, and the best character name on the list

  12. T2 Judgement Day 1991  -"Chill out dick wad!"

  13. Braveheart 1995

  14. Aliens 1986  -"Game over man, game over! We're all gonna die man! Game over!"

  15.  Enter the Dragon 1973

  16. Terminator 1984  -"Sarah Conner?"

  17. Man Bites Dog 1992  -A foreign mocumentary about a serial killer from Belgium.  Watch the director's cut.  Disturbing but f'ing hilarious!

  18. Dirty Harry 1972

  19. Black Hawk Down 2001  -Not just a great movie but it actually happened.  It's like going on a field trip for history class

  20. Swingers 1996

  21. Office Space 1999  -"The thing is, Bob, it's not that I'm lazy, it's just that I don't care."

  22. High Fidelity 2000  -A man's struggle to come to terms with his former lovers and why they left him.  A must see for all guys whom have loved and lost

  23. Rocky 1976

  24. Bad Santa 2003  -Is Billy Bob Thornton acting? or is this him in real life?  Who cares, this role was made for him

  25. Stripes 1981  "Are you homosexual?  What like, flaming?  Just a standard question.  No, but we're willing to learn.  Do they send you some place special for that?  I guess that's a no for both."

  26. Full Metal Jacket 1987  -One of Stanley Kubrik's best works.  His imagery using eyes as a central theme in his movies is the stuff nightmares are made of.  Check out Private Pyle's piercing stare in the final scenes after he goes section 8

  27. Bullitt 1968  -"Frank, we must all compromise."  "Bull$hit"

  28. The Road Warrior 1981  -The first realistic post-apocalyptic film. A desert land with tattooed biker dudes...cause that's the ONLY type of people that could survive a nuclear holocaust!

  29. Wedding Crashers 2005  -Vince Vaughn at his finest!  The "football game" and "getting stuck in the bedroom with Todd Cleary" was comedy brilliance!

  30. Die Hard 1988  -Bruce Willis' first role as a cop...20 years later...he's still playing a cop in nearly every movie!

  31. Good Fellas 1990  -This movie teaches you the true value of friendship...don't f'ck over your friends...or else!

  32. Blow 2001

  33. Sideways 2004  -After seeing his best friend crash his car into a tree..."What the f#ck?!? What the f#ck"?!"

  34. Trainspotting 1996

  35. Requiem for a Dream 2000  -"A$$ to A$$!"

  36. Apocalypse Now 1979

  37. Point Break 1991

  38. Clerks 1994  -"Cute cat.  What's its name?  Annoying customer."

  39. Snatch 2000  -Brad Pitt's character, the "Drunk Pikey Bare Knuckle Boxing Champion"...genius

  40. The Godfather Part II 1974 and The Godfather 1972  TIE  -They're both equally righteous!

  41. In the Company of Men 1997  -Oh my, what will men do to win a bet?!  Watch this award winning movie and truly realize why many women refer to us as "pigs".

  42. The Lost Boys 1987  -"Michael wants to know what's going..."

  43. Shaft 1971

  44. Slap Shot 1977  -The Hansen Brothers...nuff said.

  45. Diner 1982  -A must see for all new post college frat boys.  It's time to grow up and smell adulthood!

  46. The Longest Yard 1974  -Burt Reynolds at his best!

  47. Blade 1998

  48.  Cool Hand Luke 1967

  49. Eyes Wide Shut 1999  -Some would beg to differ about this flick, but the lengths a man will go through to erase his wife's mental indiscretion...unreal

  50. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 1966  -The original "treasure hunt" style movie

  51. The French Connection 1971  -This flick, won EVERY award imaginable. Watch and you'll understand why

  52. Fletch 1985  -"You got the whole fist in there doc?"

  53. Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981  -"I hate snakes Chuck!"

  54. Kill Bill Vol. 1 2003  -"Silly Caucasian girl likes to play with Samurai swords."

  55. Raging Bull 1980  -DeNiro gained 50 pounds to play the drunk, wife beating, retired boxer, Jake LaMotta...on the opposite side, watch Christian Bale in "The Machinist"...who lost 50 lbs for that role

  56. Reservoir Dogs 1992  -Tarantino's first offering, edgey, raw, vulgar.  Quentin...please stick to directing!...leave the acting for the actors

  57. Platoon 1986

  58. The Big Lebowski 1998  -"This is what happens when you f#ck a stranger in the ass!"

  59. Seven Samauri 1954  -Legendary Japanese filmmaker, Akira Kurosawa's legacy

  60. Animal House 1978

  61. The Great Escape 1963

  62. The Usual Suspects 1995  -Keyser Soze...Kevin Spacey..."K" & "S"...Think about could've figured the whole movie out before you even watched it

  63. Blazing Saddles 1974 

  64. The Unforgiven 1992  -Clint Eastwood gets better with age.  After 30 years of acting, this film marked his directorial debut...FYI, he won the academy award

  65. The Hustler 1961  -Guys playing pool for's what we love to do ladies!

  66.  Fast Times at Ridgemont High 1982

  67. The Tao of Steve 2000  -A philosophical comedy on Steve McQueen's mystique; with beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico as a backdrop

  68. Monty Python's: The Search for the Holy Grail 1975  -Sketch comedy legends! 

  69. Transformers 2007

  70. The Matrix 1999

  71. After Hours 1985  -A dark comedy, set in NYC's SoHo neighborhood, about a man trying to make it home with no money.  This movie is a "who's who list" of talented actors that made it big after this was released

  72. The Simpsons: Movie 2007  -Homer Simpson more dumber than ever!  Every guy's favorite cartoon character

  73. Highlander 1988

  74. Rio Bravo 1959  -Before there was Vin Diesel, Nick Cage or Johnny Depp...there was "The Duke"...give the proper respect he deserves, watch this movie!

  75. Death Wish 1974  -This flick was so controversial for its time.  10 years later, it spawned a copycat crime by Bernie Goetz in the subways of NYC

  76. First Blood 1982  -How many people ran out an bought survival knives with hollow handles after this movie came out? I don't know either, but it must've been a lot.  The "boobie traps" and "self-stitches" scenes were beyond cool

  77. Withnail and I 1986

  78. Stepbrothers 2008  -"I teabagged your drumset!"  

  79. Your Friends and Neigbors  1998  -Jason Patrick's admission to his "best sexual experience" and calling out his best friend's wife in a book really have to watch this flick to gain the full magnitude of his ultimate "prickness".

  80. The Perfect Storm 1997 

  81. Happy Gilmore 1996  -You know EVERYBODY tried to hit a golfball the exact same way!

  82. The Deliverance 1972  -The "Squeal like a pig!" scene changed hillbilly lore forever

  83. The Warriors 1979

  84. When We Were Kings 1996  -Muhammad Ali was truly the greatest of all time. The documentary of "The Rumble in the Jungle".  This movie was great on so many levels, and to see Ali in his prime is a treat in itself

  85. The Hunt for Red October 1990

  86. Papillon 1973  -The best "prison/escape" movie ever...yes, better than "The Shawshank Redemption".  Based on the autobiography of Henri Charriere and his imprisonment at a penal colony in French Guiana

  87. Dazed and Confused 1993

  88. I Am Legend 2007  -The scene when Will Smith had to euthanize his best friend/dog was the saddest thing I've ever seen.  Fun Fact...88% of guys consider themselves a "dog person" as opposed to "cat person."

  89. The Magnificent Seven 1960 

  90. The Shawshank Redemption 1994  -A solid, nearly all male, cast and a heartwarming story makes this movie one of the greatest of all time

  91. Robocop 1987  -Clarence Boddicker aka. "Red" from "That 70's Show"...quite possibly the best movie villain of the 20th century.  "B#tches leave!" and "Well give him a hand"...classic quotes!

  92. Leon...The Professional 1994  -Jean Reno and Gary Oldman, with a young Natalie Portman, head the cast in this flick about a kinder, gentler Hitman

  93. The Searchers 1956

  94. Dumb and Dumber 1994  -I still laugh uncontrollably when I watch the scene when Harry hits Mary in the face with a snowball. Hahahahaha

  95. Beerfest 2006

  96. Billy Jack 1971

  97. Roadhouse 1989  -"She's got too much brains to have an a$$ like that." SWAAAAYYYZEERRFIC!

  98. Risky Business 1983  -Living in the Chicago suburbs as a highschool male...there is no substitute!

  99. The Killer 1989

  100. Zoolander 2001  "Oh snap!..Seriously, do you like service yourself ten times a day?!"

  101. Jaws 1975  -The male bonding scene, describing all their scars was great comic relief in an otherwise awesome bloodfest. 

  102. Top Gun 1986  -Enlistment into the Navy increased by record numbers.  The sand volleyball scene was Tom Cruise's first of many homoerotic preludes

  103. Euro Trip 2004  -Vinnie Jones makes any movie better

  104. Armageddon 1998  -Ben Affleck is such a tool!

  105. A Clockwork Orange 1962

  106. Taxi Driver 1976

  107. Porky's 1981

  108. The Maltese Falcon 1941

  109. True Romance 1993  -Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken's scene of "Why Sicilians are dark skinned" was sublime

  110. Mean Streets 1973

  111. Dawn of the Dead 2003  -Playing "Sniper from the Rooftop Game" was classic

  112. Saving Private Ryan 1998  -The first 15 minutes landing on the beach head.  WOW!

  113. Old School 2003  -"It tastes soooo good when it first goes over your lips."

  114. Heathers 1989  -Christian Slater's finest role to date!  He was supposed to be the next Jack Nicholson after this movie was released...what happened?

  115. Midnight Run 1988

  116. Night Shift 1982  -Michael Keaton's breakthrough role...a true treat to behold his comedy stylings

  117. Felon 2008  -What would you do if you went to prison?  Watch and learn

  118. Back to School 1986

  119. When Harry Met Sally 1989  -Why? This flick goes through the most defining moments of a man's college through marriage.  It's a crash course on finding true love

  120. The Getaway 1972

  121. Se7en 1995  -Serial Killers rock our world! Such a dark, rainy movie with a solid, twisted plot and perfect casting. 

  122. The Dirty Dozen 1967

  123. The 40-Year-Old Virgin 2005  -"You know how I know you're gay? macrame'd yourself a pair of jean shorts."

Email me with any late entries and comments! 

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