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**Write an ABOUT ME page - its FREE! You can include a couple of photos of yourself or the things you like to offer and it gives buyers an insight into what you are about. Keyword in 'about me' and follow the simple steps.

**Use photos including one in 'Gallery' . It's well it, so that people can see clearly what they are buying. Pictures speak louder than words! Take photos of any flaws too - people will like and trust your honesty!

**Use a white peice of material drapped on the wall as a background for taking photos! it adds a slightly silky look to the image and makes it look more elegant and profesional.

**Don't waste money on ebay designer layouts, pretty colours or supersize pictures. Instead, use various fonts, various size lettering, allignment, bold print, underlining, itallics etc which are all FREE, to make your ad look attractive. (HTML coding is the best free way as you host your own images at no extra cost!)If shoppers want to see a larger photo, tell them to contact you and send them one.

**Save your terms as an e mail. Write your terms and anything else you want mentioned in all your ads as an e mail to yourself using any font and layout you like. Save it. When you come to do your ads, just copy and paste into each of your ads! Simple, FREE and effective.

**Offer lots of ways to pay. Pay pal, postal orders (crossed means they have to be paid into a bank or savings account with your name on, uncrossed means you can get the cash for them), cash on collection, personal cheque etc etc. More choice = more punters!

**Reserve prices put people off! Whatever the start price, a reserve price means to the buyer that you will not let the item go for less than £50 at the very least! Better to start your bidding at a realistic price and forget a reserve price.

**Relist! Many items sell a second time around and it will cost you nothing in listing fees if it does! All the hard work of photographing and describing the item has been done so all you need to do is click the relist and submit buttons!

**Here's one for luck. If your item has no watchers after a few days, change the category you listed it under, it's FREE - and it might just get you that sale you want.

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