TURN YOUR TV INTO A 100 inch PROJECTOR. Emmm....no

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I'm sure we've all done it at one stage. you know, browse items on ebay that you know you cant afford.  Well I like to do that alot, and i especially like to look at the amazingly big (and exspensive) plasma screens.  I think WOW wouldn't that look amazing in my living room, instead of watching the match on my ridiculous 21'' inch tv I could watch it on a massive 42'' inch.  A guy can dream.

 So a few months ago I was on my friends ebay account browsing through the plasmas (I can't help it), so any way I'm scrolling through the sonys and the philips until I come across something different. TURN YOUR TV INTO A 100" PROJECTOR. Deadly!!! I shout.  So I pay for this item on my friends account ( again I am sorry Barry), thinking that I'd be able to turn my 21'' inch into a 100'' inch.  Oh I was wrong.  So I got this guide from this seller by email explaining how to turn my tv into a projector (already looking extremely sketchy).  So instead of destroying my beauty of a tv i decided to dismantle my friends 14'' inch ( just to let you know Barry had a very bad day that day).  So there i was literally smashing up this tv getting the parts i needed most of them were thankfully easy to find until i came to a standstill.  The guide just seemed to stop, I mean i was making up half the stuff already but now it was a joke. So there i was disgusted, a tonne full of dirty tv parts were laid scattered over a beautiful cream rug (Barry's rug lol).

I hope this was helpfull.  I only found out about this feature a few days ago so i will hopefully be writing a lot more but if i dont see you have a good morning, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight



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