TV Antenna Buying Guide

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TV Antenna Buying Guide

The Basics: TV Antennas

TV antennas, which we thought were a thing of the past, are making a comeback. People have started buying antennas again, due to both the 18-inch-dish satellite revolution and the development of HDTV. You may need a rooftop antenna to receive over-the-air HD network broadcasts. Or you might want to get local channels but have satellite service with no local channel package, so you need an antenna.

Some consumers are also looking into set-top antennas for HD reception. Some of these models are more cutting edge design-wise than the old rabbit ears that you used to plop on your set, and they can set you back a little more as well. Some can run near £70.

If you need a plain old rooftop antenna, you can always go to your local electronics store. Unfortunately, not all homeowners and apartment dwellers can put up the monstrosities that are standard fare in such shops. This has given rise to a new, less obtrusive breed of rooftop antenna. These new models fit under the eaves of a home and don't stick out like a sore thumb. Some of these are amplified to boost the signal.

How to Shop

Most consumer electronics retailers have maps that designate what type of antenna you need in your specific area to receive a relatively good signal. You can also go online to identify which type of antenna you should get in your specific location. Make sure that you consult a website or the map so that the antenna you buy directly correlates to your city or town.

Many retailers will also install your antenna. If you are buying a new satellite system, it would be a perfect time to buy that antenna and have them install it at the same time. Antenna prices range from £40 to £110, with higher prices generally reflecting a wider receiving area. For rooftop antennas, if you don't want to install it yourself, try to purchase the antenna from a retailer that also offers installation.

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