TV Boxsets, the real bargain

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I'm not sure if its just me but I get really annoyed when I buy a film and then three months down the line they release a special edition of the film with bonus features you really want. Why do I get annoyed? Because if it's a film I really want in the special edition format and I have the first release, my first release will always go for less then what I originally brought it for.

On a side note, I've never sold any of my dvds on ebay so I'm not sure if the original version would in fact go for less. This only goes for selling in stores of which I won't name in case of slander or the like.

Back to the main deal though, this guide is about Television boxsets and how Ebay can help give a really good deal on them. With Television boxsets, you are almost guaranteed they won't bring out another edition because boxsets, as they are at retail price, are pretty expensive as is. The market would seriously suffer if they brought out special editions of television boxsets a few months after the original has been released.

I suppose what this boils down to is it's better to buy television boxsets on Ebay then anywhere else because who would want to pay £49.99 for Friends or Alias when you can buy it half of that on Ebay. But first you have to be made aware of what you are buying rather then jumping straight into it.

First of all is region encoding and priacy. Region encoding was brought into place, to put it bluntly, so the US could get the latest films on DVD before anyone else. It is important to check the seller's information to see what region your boxset is in. It seems almost as if I don't need to mention this but sometimes a seller doesn't note the region, for whatever reason, and you can end up with a boxset you can't play. I have asked around and apparently newer DVD players can play multiregional DVDs meaning it doesn't matter where you get them from but do check your DVD player first before diving into a buy because you think because my DVD player is new and he said new DVD players can play any DVD it will play a region 1 DVD or Region 3.

Ok, a touchy subject next, priacy. It is my advice that you DON'T buy an asian import at a cut of the price because in the long run its not worth it. You can't sell it to a store and whilst essentially you get the show on the discs they most likely come in more discs then the actual boxsets because they have been copied. Plus you get chinese writing on them and, to stress again, isn't worth it.

I won't go near this topic again but do bear it in mind when browsing at boxsets on Ebay. Unfortunately they do pop up and there is nothing that can be done about it.

Second thing to look out for is P + P which means Postage and Packaging in case you didn't know. I hate this on Ebay. (Sorry Ebay, nothing personal). It bugs me that some people charge, sometimes, more for this then the actual product and whilst I can understand postage prices and packaging as well, sometimes, there is no need to charge as much as some people do. Do check the Postage and Packaging before placing a bid to make sure you are prepared to the pay the price. An average P + P for an average boxset like Friends, Alias, X files etc is about 5 pounds at time of writing. I say average meaning reasonable and this is through experience buying boxsets on line.

Incidentally, I'm giving advice purely as an experienced buyer then a seller. I'm into finding a good bargain and Ebay is where I turn to most for finding that very thing. If you think because I'm just a buyer and not a seller also that I'm not valid to give a point of view, fair enough that is your own opinion. I hope others might find it useful.

Thirdly and finally my last piece of advice. Before buying the boxset on Ebay, check the prices on other websites before purchasing to see what it is going for on the high street. It sounds obvious but don't buy it if you can get it new for cheaper else where. Most of the time though Ebay does sell boxsets for much less then any other website or high street store but it is wise to check. I say this because most of the time boxsets are second hand on Ebay. I'm not a fussy person when it comes to DVDs. As long as they play and are in reasonably good condition I'm ok. In fact most of my DVD collection is second hand. If someone were to go through my collection they would find it hard to find a difference between a first hand DVD and a second hand one. But that is neither here or there. It is important, though not essential, that a seller has a photo of the item they are selling. I have brought things without seeing a picture first of the item but it does make the sell go much less stressfully.

This guide isn't exhaustive at all when buying a DVD Boxset of your favourite television show. I know that but I have highlighted some of the key points I look for when I buy a boxset from Ebay. I hope this has helped novice buyers on Ebay to more experienced buyers or sellers when approaching buying DVDs as well as boxsets.

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