TV - Television - LCD or Plasma - HD - what a minefield

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I have installed and set up televisions for many years and quite a big concern is the good advice or lack of it that most retailers give or do not give, in a lot of cases very misleading and costly for the discerning buyer.

You need in some cases to go armed with a dictionary just to understand the terminology that you are bombarded with, such as HD - HD Ready - Built in Freeview - Integrated DVD - LCD - Plasma.
My preference from day 1 has been LCD and remains so at the time of writing this review.

At the end of the day all most of us want is good sound advice, a Television set that is easy to use and understand, we on the whole are not interested in all the fancy trimmings apart from those of us that  just love fiddling with buttons or as you ladies out there are all too aware, the flickers.

Out of the new generation of flat screen Televisions that I have set up and there are not many that I have not been involved with my favorite without and reservations is the LCD Sony Bravia, a good size for most homes is the 32 inch, I know it may sound huge to some folk but really it is not too bad and as pleasant a looking set as any and better than most.
To date it has the usual reliability that Sony has built it's name around.
Most importantly the picture and sound quality are excellent and it really is just so easy to use even for the faint hearted it is a piece of cake to operate.

A close second I would add is the Panasonic, also a very good set and relatively easy to use but for sure Sony has the edge in that respect.
The Sony Bravias can be bought from around £499.99 for the 26 inch from John Lewis, Fenwicks or Marks and Spencer and I would strongly advise to buy from one of these stores as all their sets come with a FREE 5 year warranty and John Lewis will price match any retailer but do check their prices as they can vary from day to day on the whole they have been going down.

The important factors when buying any new set are primarily to ensure it has a built in Freeview receiver.

For those of you looking for a cheaper set I will write a further review, check it out.

Happy viewing to you all.

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