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In the last few years the number of eBay users has grown quite rapidly.  A lot of eBay sellers are buying and selling for extra cash or as a hobby and there are a lot of sellers taking eBay to the next level and making it a full time business.

These sellers are making their home business in to a full time business and making a full time income from it.  They have found most if not all of eBay's marketing strategies in order to be productive.

There are a lot of reasons to start your own eBay business, but no matter what the reasons it can be successful.

Why start a eBay business

A eBay business will give you the fallibility to start work when you want to and finish when you want.  Now you can be your own boss working from home and the decision making is down to you.  Now working from home has never been easier than it is to day.

To start your eBay business is fairly easy and with a little research will go along way to determining your success.  As with all businesses the amount of work you are willing to put in will also affect the success of your business as well.

Selling junk that no one will want will not help your business.  There are a few questions you should ask yourself about an item before you decide to list it on eBay.  Does it work, what condition is it in, would I be happy to sell it, would I buy it.

If an item fails any of the above questions then don't list it on eBay.  It will save you a lot of grief later on if it sells.  

eBay customers will and do leave negative feedback if your item is  not what you claimed it was or if its not working.  If you get enough negative feed back eBay will close you down.  

If you have any doubt about an item then play it safe and don't list it.  

eBay provides a excellent resource in getting you up to speed with all aspects of the eBay marketplace including Whats Hot and can be found here http://pages.eBay.com/sell/resources.html

As with many businesses it is supply and demand, you need to find products that are in demand and then supply it

With 222 million registered users as of January 2007.  The eBay home business has has the potential to be successful and make the user a lucrative income.

eBay also offers an  excellent e-commerce advice and helpful tips to get you started at: http://pages.eBay.com/merchant solutions/ecommerceresources/

Thinking about what to sell with your eBay business needing't be difficult.

Do you have a hobby that would be of interest to others or do you know about a particular subject that would class you an expert in that field.  If you do why not create a information product that would relate to that specific hobby.

For example

Cycling - "A guide to Bicycle trips in England." Bicycle spare parts are also becoming harder to find. Creating a market for this specific niche could be potentially profitable.

Cookery - "101 Delicious recipes for  Vegetarians." You may have been a chef or cook and you're looking to create an additional revenue stream using the knowledge you possess.

Providing customers with the service or product that fixes a problem, can provide your business with a profitable sales for many years to come.

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