Take care before you buy a coach for export

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If you are thinking of buying a bus or coach for export, especially to a hotter climate than the UK, there are lots
of things to consider:
The most important being can I get spares in the destination country?
Check first with your contacts there, as shipping spare parts there yourself may be very expensive. Make sure the
manufacturers agent can still get spares for the model you want to buy.
Get a number of written quotes for shipping, based on the dimensions and the weight from the UK to your destination country. I can help with this!
Go and view the bus first. Never ever ever bid on a bus or agree to buy one without seeing it and being taken on a
test drive.
Automatic transmission vehicles may need modifying to run at the right temperature in a hot climate, check that this is possible. Manual gearbox vehicles do not have this problem.
Have the bus inspected independantly or at least have the seller put a new Mot on it,
Vehicles with a proper chassis such as Mercedes 709d's and Volvo B10m's are very good for countries with poor
road surfaces, rear engined coaches do not have a chassis, they are built with the engine and gearbox integral to the framework. Consequently, after years of exposure to salt on the British roads they are likely to flex and crack on the unmade roads in some ex-Commonwealth countries where right hand drive coaches are a must.
Try to avoid vehicles laden with technology, such as Abs brakes, Electronic fuel injection etc unless you know these can be diagnosed where the vehicle is going.
If you want any more advice speak to a dealer who has experience of shipping abroad. Like me!


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