Take care of your clothes and they'll last longer

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As for a start, thank you for taking time to read my first guide.


Even if you don't spend much money on clothes, it's still your money!

You can save more of it by taking good care of the clothes you do buy. If you keep your clothes looking good and you wear classic styles, your clothing expenses will be very frugal.


Classic styles won't look foolish next season so you won't have to replace them every few months. Clothes can last a lot longer than this week's fad and still look very good.


Before you wash a garment - or, ideally, before you buy a garment, read the care instructions carefully. Pay attention to the type of material and treat it accordingly.

Even if you buy used, check for tags first. If the garment doesn't have a tag, try to find out what the material is, so you'll know how to treat it.

Dryers wear out material, so hang clothes to dry whenever possible. Dryers also are very hard on elastic, spandex and other stretchy materials.

Plasticized and painted material suffers a lot of damage from dryer temperatures as well as from tumbling against other clothing.

Wash clothes only when they're dirty. Otherwise, just let them air out after a few hours' wear.

No, the personal cleanliness police won't get you for it.


They won't even know...

You can tell when a piece of clothing needs washing just as well as anyone. If it doesn't smell and doesn't have any visible dirt, what's to wash out? (Besides color and the fibers you paid for?)


When kids come home from school, have them change from their school clothes to play clothes; you do the same.  Change from your good clothes when you come home from work, visiting or shopping. Old clothing is usually more comfortable for lounging or working around the house anyway.


Did you ever hear the phrase -poured into- when it comes to clothing? It's not frugal to wear clothing too small or too tight. This causes stress on seams and wear on some shaped edges. One size bigger or a less constrictive style will last longer.


You don't have to be an old fuddy duddy to wear an apron when doing messy chores - you just have to be smart. Aprons can be anything from a ragged towel pinned around you to a frilly, lacy and useless thing, but the best is a cotton cobbler's apron that fits well. Get one that can be bleached, washed in hot water and scrubbed to your heart's content, but if it stains... well, it's an apron, and you can wear it anyway. And you've saved your clothes from that stain.


One more thing - avoid dry clean only material unless you're in a profession that requires that type of clothing. Even then, some materials can be hand washed successfully. If you're not sure of the material, don't machine dry it.

A dryer will usually do more damage than an automatic washer.  Dry cleaning is expensive and not very safe for the environment or your skin, so washable fabric is the best choice whenever possible.

It's frugal to have respect for the clothing you wear.

I don't know how else to say it. Pay attention your clothes, don't abuse them.

Expect them to last a long time... treat them as if they will, and they will.


In addition, if you need some clothes, visit my shop :-)


Thank you again!

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