Take care when buying used PC's/Laptops

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Looking to buy a new PC or laptop? Read below first

I recently needed to buy a new PC and I was on a bit of a budget.

I knew what to look for in a PC as I work in IT myself and I came across a few 'dodgy looking' posts selling PC's and laptops (and in some cases mobile phones)

When buying a PC/Laptop please check ALL pictures. Make sure nothing like the serial number is scratched off, because if the PC has warranty this will void it completely.

Every PC/Laptop with Windows on it will have a Microsoft sticker that is quite shiny and is usually on the bottom/side. If this is missing, this could also void warranty.

Check the pictures thoroughly, is there any screws showing worn/signs of marks? This could possibly mean the machine has been opened.

When buying a used PC/laptop, always ask questions.

Has the PC/Laptop been opened in anyway?

Has any parts been changed and why?

Does it come with original box, original documents?

Is monitor included? (some posts advertise PC's showing the monitor but don't sell the monitor)

Does Laptop have built in wi-fi?

Does it come with any extra software?  e.g. anti virus/MS Office.

Hope this helps!

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