Take care when purchasing coins

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Please note that an edge inscription can be either way up in relation to the Obverse, and any stated as errors because they are supposedly "upside down" are incorrect. I have been collecting coins for over 30 years. Also, beware of so called "mis-strikes" and "mules". A mule is a coin which has been struck from dies that do not belong together. The undated 20p is a mule because the Obverse belongs to the previous issue, where the date is on the Reverse. I have seen so many incorrectly described £2 coins, and some even mention the beaded circle which sometimes overlaps the two metals. If it does overlap, it is not an error.
Many coins are described as "rare" when they are unknown, so potential buyers should be very wary of this. If you don't know anything about a coin, how do you know it is rare? - some old coins are very common, so take care when buying. Roman coins are sometimes found in mint condition, and many are quite common.
There are also a large number of reproductions sold as genuine, so this is something else to watch out for. Some sellers are genuinely unaware, but there are some who deliberately try to mislead you.
I have seen brass coins fetch ridiculous sums, no doubt because the buyers think they have got a cheap bit of gold, but they will get a shock if they try to pawn them.
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