Taking Holiday Photos for Canvas Print

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All that light and shade, lots of movement, holiday snaps can often come out a little dodgy! Here's a few hints and tips on getting the best holiday photos you can...

Backdrop - On holiday it's all too easy to get carried away and try to cram every detail into one photo! This can create a cluttered image instead of a beautiful one. Take loads of photos, from loads of different angles. Try moving your subject to the side of the photo by using the Rule of Thirds as described in our 'Take a Great Photo' articles to capture some of the scenery at the same time without overdoing it.

Interval Photography - At celebrations such as Christmas the photographer is often the one who gets left out. If your camera has interval settings, use them. The camera will take pictures at regular intervals all by itself so you don't have to worry. This way you can not only enjoy your Christmas with the family but have some evidemce that you were there too!

Group Photos - Always great fun to try to arrange, a bit like trying to hold jelly. I'm afraid we can;t help you with the herding element of group photography, except to suggest bribery at every level. Take as many shots as you can to increase your chances of getting everyone looking in the same direction.

Flash photography - Using your flash is mostly associated with indoor, dark filming. This doesn't have to be the case.  Try using your flash outdoors to create stronger contrasts and more impressive images.

Use reflections - If you can, use reflective surfaces such as water, glass, and mirrors to give your photography an edgy, artistic feel.


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