Taking Photos of your Merchandise

Like if this guide is helpful
I'm the Photographer from Lonbay_Traders

I'm Fairly new to ebay but i do know quite alot about photography Here are some basics

1. You need a photo for your merchandise
Obviously you need a photo
but the reason for having a photo is just basically to show
the buyer what they are going to buy anyway the first photos free.
You can use any camera maybe even from you cell phone but it has to be clear.
If your cell phone doesnt have a camera
then go and buy a cheap one from ebay (this is the longest point in this guiden you wont need to read much more)

2. Try and make the environment as bright as possible but not to bright.

Use you cameras flash if you need to
Make sure you can see your product clearly dont let the flash blur your image.
This is your buyers eyes for the merchandise
a bad photo can make or break your sale (I had to add that!!!)

3. Avoid or crop out any things you dont need ( dont worry if you dont know what crop means i didnt know it before either)
Did you lens cap or your pet ( I like pets) get in the way of your picture
well then use your photo editing software (Window photo gallery or ipicture ) to crop the picture

4. Take lots of pics
Take lots of pics and choose the best 1 or 2 photos

5. Merchandise Background
Use boxes painted with one colour (Im english ) from the inside to act as a mini photo studio
or scrumple up some paper and use it as a background
Try not to stray outside your background or the effect of your magnificent backgroud is lost in seconds

6. Clean Your merchandise
Make what you sell look like a pretty little whatever you like.Basically clean it!
Use the Baby wipes in your cupboard or that microfibre cloth lying around or make it look even better by poilishing it .Jazz it Up !!!

I have now given some Important tips to help you suceed (hopefully) in your goal of taking good photos (if it was your goal)

We may meet again friend but bye for now.
Photographer from LonBay_Traders

P.s Look at our logo its cool made it on paint (obviously)

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