Taking a Great Photo

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1. Get to know your camera - Most of us only use a small number of the available functions our camera is equipped with, ansd you'll be surprised at what a difference they make. Get to know all the buttons and most common functions so you can operate your device without looking.

2. Rule of Thirds - Don't automatically place your subject in the centre of the shot. Sometimes, especially when the backdrop is interesting it can be worth moving your 'centre' of attention to the left or right to create a more interesting picture. Imagine the picture is broken in to thirds, both vertically and horizontally. Move your subject to one of these imaginary lines and see how the picture changes.

3. Be aware of the Background - Look out for the good and the bad things behind your subject. In concentrating so much on the many attraction you may miss something really special, or something that could potentially ruin the shot. We all have photos stashed away with branches coming out of our heads, or blurry figures walking in front of us at the wrong time!

4. Aviod camera shake - You must stay aware of camera shake, you could have the best shot lined up, but it will be ruined if your hand is unsteady or if you press the button too hard or too quickly. Make sure you have a firm footing and if possible a tripod. Try not to put too much effort into pressing the button. Be gentle, and hold your breath momentarily as you press the button.

Employing these simple tips and checking for the best light and setting from your photo will help ensure you get the best from every shot and create the ideal photo to put on to canvas!  


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