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Today I'm talking travel beauty, that's almost as fun as packing my case and when the time comes you can expect posts on both. Ive spent an insane amount of time online over the past few weeks looking for new travel bits and bobs, so far I've bought an airline approved wash bag (I think that was a shopaholic low point, ha!) and some plastic jars to decant makeup and skincare etc into but it's everything I can do not to go mad and buy EVERYTHING!
As I'm browsing I've actually put together a new collection on eBay, if you aren't already aware of 'collections' it's a cross between a wishlist and a Pinterest board. I have a few themed to different categories but this one (obviously) is travel beauty and as I browse (it's not going to stop until I board the plane, lol) I'll add to it. You can take a look here and follow if you want to see updates as I add. Collections are great if you're looking for inspiration in a certain category however unlike other 'inspiration boards' you can click through to buy each product shown, saving you time and heartache when you fall in love with something you then can never find - I've been there!
So on to what I might actually NEED to pick up before we go.. well the little jars cut down on a lot of unnecessary miniatures but there's always SOMETHING to buy, right? Dry Shampoo is a must and can't really be replaced with anything else.. gotta get some sachet face masks, I'm a huge face mask fan and if ever my skin needs a treat it's after a long haul flight and I think I might need these mini brushes.. one can never have enough mini brushes! My newest eBay obsession is a little more dangerous, things like body wraps and toning products.. dangerous purely because I'm not sure they ACTUALLY do anything but the closer I get to getting in a bikini the more desperate I get, ha! Plus I FEEL like they're working so that's almost the same, right?! Distracting myself with tiny versions of everyday essentials is normal by comparison - watch this space for updates.. you never know this body wrap kit could actually work.. I'll keep you posted ;)
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