Tank Men by Robert Kershaw

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This book is a must for anyone interested in military history and in particular Tank and armoured vehicle warfare.

The Author is a distinguished military Officer who's service with the British army has leant a special edge to the narrative. Tank men visits the particular problems and difficulties encountered by tank crews from the great war to the 39-45 conflict. In particular the great tank scandal visited on British troops by the powers that be, to place by design, allied troops in a disasterous disadvantage in a one to one dual with far superior German tank Designs. Under armed and under armoured, taking on a German Tiger in a paper thin British Cromwell took nerves of steel. Escape from British tanks was fraught with hazards due to lack of crew safety designs, hatches jammed by tank barrels, lack of fuel and ammo wet storage protection doomed many brave men to a die in a tank changed from a protective shell into a blast-furnace in seconds.

The book is true of Kershaws style, making use of witness interviews from men who have relevent and vivid memories to share. Tank Men is a book I have found to be inspiring and well laid down, well worth a read. 

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