Tannoy & Classic Hi-Fi Scams!

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A word or two of caution. There seem to have been more 'classic' or 'vintage' Tannoy items and other renowned Hi-Fi items for sale recently than ever used to be available. I know most of these will be genuine sales, but any listing that asks you ring them before bidding or to email them at their own address instead of via ebay's "contact seller" facility, should be viewed with caution. Check their feedback. if it's zero or kept private (undisclosed) the same applies. Remember too that seemingly good feedback scores can be easily accumulated by doing a number of nonsense transactions for items costing pennies! Although PayPal will give a good degree of transaction safety, safest bet is to buy from a seller whose address you can actually reach and pay cash on seeing the item. I understand that overseas listings can be rather dubious, especially from the far east and I'm rather curious to know how so many early type Tannoy crossovers are available from far eastern sellers. Are they genuine or fake copies? I also view with suspicion items where only the manufacturer's box is shown. I believe there was a problem not long ago with McIntosh valve amplifiers being offered and shown only as boxed items. I'm not keen on listings where 'stock' or 'library' images are used, ask the seller why there's no photo of the actual item. Ask if viewing or collection is an option even if you won't visit. Most legitimate vendors will agree and if they do you can be reasonably certain the sale is good. I know that distance and the terms of the listing may sometimes make the foregoing impractical, so be very sure of what you are bidding on, how you will get it, where it is and who you are dealing with. Good Luck!



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