Tattered Lace & intricate die cuts

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Happy Birthday Tapestry from Tattered Lace
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Happy Birthday Tapestry from Tattered Lace

Sticking intricate die cuts to your projects.

Tattered Lace and loads of other leading craft dies are becoming more and more intricate and delicate, and when you receive your die cut items, you may wonder 'how on earth do I  stick these to my card'.
My preferred method is to use a spray adhesive - either 3M Photo Mount or the Crafter's Companion Stick and Stay. Detail Glue with a very fine nozzle is available if you prefer a wet glue, but I find that it is easy to ruin a beautifully cut item  if glue seeps out from behind the finely cut areas.  

To use a spray adhesive, lay your die cut face down on a piece of scrap paper - I keep magazines, old mail order catalogues, phone books etc just for the purpose  -  lightly spray the item from a distance of 8 - 10 inches, use a tweezer or cocktail stick to stop it from blowing over if need be.  Remember to use a clean piece of scrap paper if you are spraying more than one item as you may get the adhesive on the front of the die cut if you lay it on paper that has adhesive already sprayed on it.
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