Tattoo Aftercare - Healing a Tattoo

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At Mamaink we give out a complete aftercare kit and full aftercare instructions with all our custom tattoos and we sell a full range of aftercare products in the studio

There are 3 basic ways to heal a tattoo

  1. leave it alone and let nature take its course
  2. moist wound healing
  3. specialist products like tattoo goo

The body will do a good job all on its own at healing your tattoo, however , it will not always be the most comfortable of experiences

Itching, dry, scabby and peeling skin are the most common side effects of healing your new tattoo

The often used alternative of moist wound healing is where air is excluded from the healing tattoo by a protective barrier, i.e. plastic wrap and /or petroleoum based products like Bethpanten, Vaseline or Savlon 

This can speed up healing time greatly, but it does have risks!

Thick layers of product can act to draw out through the eperdermis tattoo ink particals that may have stayed in the skin with a different healing method

It can also lead to bacteria growth and infection if bacteria becomes trapped in the moist layer.

Specialist products like Tattoo Goo offer a more comfortable, acceptable middle way, where the tattoo is frequently washed with an anti-bacterial soap then thinly covered with a soothing preperation both to speed up healing and comfort your skin.

Aftercare Advice 

Healing time refers to the first 3 weeks after having your tattoo or untill it's healed whichever is the longest.

During that time never let dirty hands, mud, grime, others bodily fluids touch your tattoo. Remember its an open wound

Don't rub or restrict your healing tattoo by wearing tight clothes or footwear, wear loose clothes and sleep in clean bedding.

Never let anyone else use your Tattoo Goo products this stops cross infection

Take a good quality multi vitamin to speed up the healing process, drink lots of water and get plenty of rest and sleep.

During the healing process take only short showers less than 10mins and do not direct the spray head on to your tattoo.

Be careful when drying off, DO NOT RUB your tattoo, let it air dry if possible

Do not take a bath, swim, sauna or use a hot tub or steam room untill your tattoo is healed

Sunlight/UV rays and sun beds are always BAD for tattoos as the fade your ink, but they are particularly damaging during healing. onced healed if you must expose your lovely tattoo use a high factor clear sunblock like Tattoo Goo Colour Gaurd.

During the healing time you need to follow the clean and care program at least 3 times a day and if your tattoo becomes contaminated or dirty! 

Materials you will need:

  • Good quality CLEAN paper kitchen roll that only you use
  • Tattoo goo aftercare products.

Wash your hand throughly with clean water and Tattoo Goo Deep Cleansing Soap.

Gently apply a small amount of Tattoo Goo Deep Cleansing Soap to your tattoo, rinse gently with clean water

Dab gently dry with clean kitchen roll, DO NOT RUB, let air dry for 5mins

Using a small amount of Tattoo Goo or Lotion smear a small amount all over your tattoo (use the salve for the first 3-4 days then switch to the lotion, this helps combat the itchy dry stage!)

As your tattooo starts to heal you may have slight scabbing or itching...DO NOT PICK OR SCRATCH your tattoo, this may lead to infection and will also ruin the appearence of your tattoo.

Remember the following

Only a small amount of product needs to be used

Do not use the cleansing soap as a shower gel, keep it away from your eys and other sensitive areas

If you experience a reaction to any of the aftercare products stop use immediately

If your tattoo becomes infected seek imediate meducal advice from your doctor. 

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