Teach Your Children to Care For Your Pet Rabbit!!

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If you dont You might have to do all the work! Children are naturally drawn to cute, cuddly little creatures, they will want to pick up, stroke and play with your new pet rabbit, whilst this is tempting, it is potentially dangerouse---- both for bunny and your child.

Rabbits are sociable animals and generally do like human companionship, but unlike dogs and cats they do not always like the same type of close contact. They are ground dwelling creatures and prefer to have all their leggs on the ground. If you try and pick bun up he/she will probably squirm, claw and perhaps even fall to the floor, not the best start. Most importantly children often want to rough-house their new pet which can be very harfull to rabbits as their boddies are fragile.

For these reasons you must teach your children in advance what to expect form their pet and ow to treat their furry friend. Explain to them that rabbits are not like other pets and do not like to be picked up. Gentle quiet strocking is the way forward, and always down at buns level.

You should also be aware that rabbits do not always respond well to stresfull or very loud environments. If your household is very busy, or if you have very energetic children you should provide a safe quite environment for bun and always supervise playtime with children so that you can correct inapropriate behavour and reward good behavior.

You must also make sure that you have all essential items that you need before bun comes home. Below is a shortlist and you will need most if not all the items.

  • cage/hutch
  • Water bottle
  • food dish
  • food pellets
  • fresh veggies
  • hay
  • litter box pan
  • rabbit toys

There really is nothing worse than not having these items to hand. You really dont want to be dashing out to get them in the midst of getting your new pet settled. Bunnies are great pets and the above guidelines should  make your life mutch easier and both bun and kids happy.

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