Teak Garden Furniture

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This is a warning to law abiding and honest folk who might be considering buying teak garden furniture from wessexteak1 now trading as tradingcompanyinc and sunshinestateforever (the company is based in Brentwood, Essex). I'm not sure why ebay allow them more than one account but basically they take your money and that's it. In February 2008 I paid £445.00 for a lovely garden set and they failed to contact me with a delivery date. I raised a dispute with Paypal and the company emailed me at last with a delivery date and to asked me to close the dispute. I did close the dispute and looked forward to my delivery. My delivery failed to arrive. The company kept fobbing me off and eventually they slammed the phone down on me when I threatened to cancel. It is now 6th June 2008. Ebay doesnt want to know, and I cant leave any negative feedback because this company avoids the 60day rule. Paypal does not want to know because I foolishly closed the dispute (and Paypal restrict you also on the number of days to close or open disputes!) Both companies advised me to call the police and I did. Essex police have taken my case and they have got trading standards to investigate. I know I'm not the only one to have been conned out of a lot of money. Why is Ebay allowing this company, who have failed customers since last year and are building a nice retirement nest egg, to have numerous ebay accounts? Who is looking out for the honest, hard working ebayer?  If you are reading this and you are considering buying from this company, then please reconsider. Don't leave feedback (as they sell things for 1p to raise their profile!). Most of their items are selling at over £500.00 and they are building a possible fortune with Ebay & Paypal not batting an eyelid.  I do hope my message gets out there and saves people the misfortune of falling for this most foul play. I would be pleased to hear from anyone who has had similar problems with this company. Ebay will not allow me to add my email address but you can gather what it is jobolton at bt internet dot com. Please note this company is now trading on Amazon. Please search 'wessex teak' and see my reviews.
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