Teeth Whitening Trays

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Hi my name is Claire, I set up my own mobile teeth whitening business about 1 and half  years ago. When setting the business up i was looking for the best products on the market to use and came across a company that sold teeth whitening trays with silicon. After chatting to the guy who owned the business we struck up a deal for me to purchase these mouth trays. I was really excited, as at that point no one in the uk was selling or using them to my knowledge. Once received myself and my husband could not wait to try them out. I set up all my teeth whitening equipment and we took it in turns, with amazing results. I had used the thermo mouth trays before and found them really uncomfortable but these were great. Really comfortable and took the correct impression of your teeth, so only a small amount of gel had to be used. I have used these trays ever since on all my clients and they love them too. After about 6 months of only using them for my business i wondered if other people who like to whiten their own teeth would be interested in using them. I put them on ebay in Oct 09 and they flew off the shelf, as the saying goes. I have sold over 150 this year alone and am proud to say i have had no complaints.

I use these products every day on my clients unlike the other sellers of teeth whitening products on ebay. If you have any questions about anything to do with teeth whitening even if its not to do with the products i sell then please contact me and i will try to answer as best as i can.

My ebay address is pearlywhites1claire

or visit my web site pearlywhitesmobile.co.uk

I also now have prefilled mouth trays which have the whitening gel already in them. No need to buy trays and gels seperately you can have them all in one. Can be reused if used carefully.

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