Tesco Clubcard Boost

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... A guide to trading in Tesco Clubcard points, vouchers, tokens, perks or coupons

Question:  Is it ok to sell Tesco points, vouchers, tokens, perks or coupons?
Answer:  The simple answer to this is No.
Being a member of Tesco Clubcard means that you have freely accepted the terms and conditions of the scheme.
Relevant sections of the terms and conditions can be found below, for the full terms and conditions please visit:
  • Boost tokens cannot be transferred, bought, sold or in any way traded. They cannot be exchanged or reissued. Details can be found on the reverse of the tokens or at tesco.com/rewards (please copy and paste the link)
  • Clubcard accounts, cards, key fobs, coupons, points and vouchers cannot be transferred, bought, sold or in any way traded.
Tesco Freetime may refuse (at all times acting reasonably) any Clubcard reward order where there is evidence of abuse or attempted abuse of the Clubcard Scheme or where the customer has not acted as a consumer. To avoid any doubt, abuse includes, but is not limited to;
a. having Clubcard accounts in fictitious names,
b. having multiple Clubcard accounts or multiple addresses, multiple memberships of a Clubcard club,
c. claiming points not earned from their own transactions,
d. exceeding the maximum points earned limit,
e. making multiple purchases that breach the terms and conditions associated with the product offer,
f. the returning of goods for a refund and keeping the Clubcard points earned from the purchase,
g. the breaching of any terms of the Clubcard scheme,
h. redeeming Clubcard vouchers for the sole purpose of extending the life of the Clubcard points by submitting vouchers where the value of the reward would give a refund of more than 50% in points change.

Question:  If I buy Tesco points, vouchers, tokens, perks or coupons online and cannot use them, will Tesco Clubcard reimburse me?
Answer: Again the answer is No.
If you have bought Tesco points, vouchers, tokens, perks or coupons on eBay and require a refund please contact the seller, if the seller refuses to refund, please contact eBay and then ultimately PayPal.

Tesco Clubcard Perks
Buying Tesco Clubcard Perks on eBay – why buy what you can download yourself for free?

At Tesco Clubcard we are pleased to offer to our Clubcard members - Tesco Perks, a new incentive that is absolutely FREE to use for registered Clubcard members.

Not a member yet visit:  (copy and paste the link)
https://secure.tesco.com/clubcard/myaccount/join/home.aspx or call us on our FREEPHONE 0800 59 16 88* Option 2


Tesco Clubcard Boost: 
Telephone: FREEPHONE 0800 59 16 88 * Option 1
Email:          clubcard.rewards@tescofreetime.com  
*Calls to 0800 numbers are free from BT landlines but you may have to pay if you use another phone company, a mobile phone, or are calling from abroad
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