Tesco Clubcard Vouchers on eBay - They are Worthless

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This is a warning to all eBayers:
Do not buy Tesco Clubcard vouchers on eBay, or from anyone for that matter - they are NOT TRANSFERABLE.  The terms and conditions of the scheme (check the Tesco website) state that these vouchers are only for the use of the clubcard holder named on the voucher.

Sellers promote their vouchers on the fact that they are worth four times their face value if used for Deals, which results in people placing bids for far more than the face value.  This is correct, but only if you are the holder named on the voucher. 

The reality is that the seller will be laughing all the way to the bank with the cash that you have just paid them for what, to you, may as well be blank pieces of paper, because the vouchers you have paid for are worthless if you are not the cardholder.

I have tried reporting these listings to eBay (and to Tesco) to no avail.  It would seem that eBay, as reported by other members, are indifferent to their members being ripped off by scammers and unscrupulous selfish greedy people.  Not only are innocent eBayers being ripped off, but it is likely that in the not too distant future if this abuse of the Clubcard Scheme continues then it will be withdrawn altogether, and then everybody loses out for the gain of a minority.

Therefore all I can do is warn people: You have been warned!
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